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Smarties® Game Monday, 21 August 2017


Smarties® Game
This game is great for introducing people to each other.  Ask the children or young people to sit in a circle, pass the pot of Smarties® around and ask them to help themselves.  (A reminder may need to be given about ensuring there is enough for everyone.)  Ask the children or young people to not eat them till the end of the activity. Once everyone has some Smarties®, each person tells their name and for each Smartie® they are holding, say one thing about themselves. 
Variation:  Each colour can be given a question. 
·         Red:  What is your favourite TV programme?
·         Blue:  What is your favourite food?
·         Yellow:  Where is your favourite place?
·         Green:  What do you like to play?
·         Orange:  What do you like best in school?
·         Purple:  What is the colour of your front door?
·         Pink:  What is the best thing that has happened to you?
·         ­Brown:  How did you get to school today?

Please use alternatives if the children or young people have any food allergies.