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Day 10 of our Advent Calendar Wednesday, 11 December 2019


Day 10 of our Advent Calendar 

Christmas Calm Box

Christmas time can be a stressful time.  It is a time of indulgence, sensory overload and change of routine.  Creating a sensory calm box can help reduce the overwhelm.  Using play and playful approaches is one of the quickest ways to calm and settle.

A sensory calm box is a box that includes a range of sensory elements.  When children become overwhelmed and stressed, they are often functioning in the lower parts of their brain (brain stem/reptilian brain). As the brain stem works with sensory input, sensory materials are required for them to calm down and move back into their thinking brain. 

See below some suggestions, but the children will direct you to what helps them. 

·       soft fluffy seal puppet for sensory soothing & playful interactions
·       different speed visual timers to focus their visual attention
·       hand cream so that you can provide nurture
·       sketch & sniff pencils/pens for sensory soothing
·       A sheet – to hide under when becoming overwhelmed
·       A bag of small world toys to engage them in playful interactions and play engages the social engagement system
·       Bingo pen to facilitate playful interactions with another
·       Different types of playdough for sensory and stress soothing
·       A piece of silky fabric that the child likes to touch
·        Post it notes for you to write/draw little nurturing notes
·        A piece of sheep’s wool

To make it more Christmassy include some pine cones, a small piece of tinsel, a piece of Christmas tree.  The list is endless.