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Day 9 of our Advent Calendar Wednesday, 11 December 2019


Day 9 of our Advent Calendar

Book Review

The Social Neuroscience of Education by Louis Cozolino

“From a neurobiological perspective, the position of the teacher is very similar to that of the parent in building a child’s brain.  Both can enhance a child’s emotional regulation by providing a safe haven that supports the learning process.” (p. 18)

As you can see from the photo with all the sticky tabs highlighting useful information, this is a book we like.  Social neuroscience is about how our brains are hard wired to be connected with others. Louis Cozolino has authored a book about how understanding social neuroscience can inform our practice in education.

He explores the evolution and development of the social brain, how the brains get turned off to learning.  He then examines how to turn the brains on, including the importance of play in facilitating this. Finally, he discusses how to apply this knowledge to classrooms and schools.

It is an informative book with useful ideas and one for your Christmas reading list.